Vase Diffuser
Vase Diffuser
Vase Diffuser
Vase Diffuser
Vase Diffuser
Vase Diffuser

Vase Diffuser

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This home humidifier and essential oil diffuser can help to add humidity to the air and diffuse favourite essential oil fragrances.
The colour-changing LED light effect creates an eye-catching ornamental piece and subtle mood-lighting.
3 designs to choose between
Simple to use - simply add 130ml of water to the built-in tank before use adding 3-5 drops of a favourite essential oil if desired.
The humidifier and diffuser breaks the water and oil solution into extremely fine micro-particles which turn into mist emissions in the air.
Features two operating modes, with one setting producing a continuous mist and the other creating a relaxing mood lighting to accompany the mist.
Oil is not heated for additional safety and reassurance.
Can be run from any USB Port, is whisper quiet and features an automatic shut off function, switching the unit off when the water finishes or after 2 hours, making this humidifier safe for night-time use.

Material: ABS+PP
Water Capacity: 130ML
Mist Capacity: 30ml/h
Duration Time: 3-5 hours
Rate Power: 5V 330mA
USB Charging Cable Included
Length Of Cable - 95cm

Dimensions: 9.4cm diameter, 14.5cm high

1 x Humidifier
1 x User manual
1 x USB cable